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August 25, 2008

We Want Your Opinion!

Cnt_sept2008cover_2 by Wendy Perrin

Big news: Conde Nast Traveler's Web site,, will be spinning off from the mother ship next year and voyaging into cyberspace on its own.  We're building our brand-new site from scratch--which has us all very excited--and I've been in a lot of discussions lately about what the new should be and what features it should have. Of course, we'd love to hear from YOU as well.

Are you interested in having input into the new Just click here if you have thoughts to share about what would be most useful for our community of travelers. Of course, if you'd prefer to post a comment below sharing suggestions for the new site, that works too. Thanks for your help, everyone!


I clicked the link, but also wanted to say here that I would really be interested in reading more about QUALITY intercultural travel with children. Thanks!

I am also interested in quality family travel as well as extended travel which I think is a growing trend. ( One look at the popularity of Tim Ferris is one indication on extended travel or mini retirements as he calls them).

It would be great if we didn't have to 'log in' when we post a comment. I'm also not a big fan of some of your talking advertisements that walk into the blog posts. (I realize you don't have anything to do with your advertisers, but you asked for reader input.)

By the way, 'What a Trip' has moved to a new URL. Please stop by and leave a comment. I promise you won't have to log in.

I couldn't agree more. The log-in and registration process is a pain in the neck! Any other constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

I'd like to see more "real" travel. The mag has always seemed sort of aspirational to me - if only I could afford that I'd scamper off to [insert swank destination!]

I'm also a huge fan of well written narrative/story telling about travel. More more more.

Please, oh, please, nix the pop-up ads. They deter me from visiting this site!

Those ads drive me crazy too! Unfortunately, I have zero control over any of the corporate/operational/advertising decisions made by Conde Nast Traveler wants control over its Web presence. That's why we're leaving and creating our own new site.

Would like to see more reasonable travel
mid-priced travel and since I am disabled would appreciate more info on
disabled travel.

I would also like more info on affordable travel. I am an empty nester, and while I have a little discretionary income, it's not a lot and most of the time, I can't afford anything you talk about.

I've been off in Alaska, so didn't get to check this until now. .. the link doesn't seem to work, but here are a couple of comments anyway:

I've always appreciated that Conde Nast publishes ALL it's stories on the web -- allowing me to save links to beautiful writing without having to rip those pages out of my mag and save them. . . of course, all those links will now be no good. Will ALL the stories published still even be available?

I HATE the pop-up ads. They are evil!

The whole suitcase tool was there and then changed (deleting everything that had been saved, which sucked). Also, the new tool is worthless, because it only allows one to save articles from Conde Nast. I LOVE Conde Nast, but there are also other sources I love. Being able to save those links in one place was great. The current set-up is useless.

Finally, it would be nice if Conde Nast could recognize the fact that some of us love to travel, but are customers somewhere between a youth hostel and a four star hotel. VALUE should be as important as luxury. It would be nice if there was a High/Low version of the accommodations and dinning options listed to address a wider audience.

I love your blog!

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